The Warrior Heir
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Cover of The Warrior Heir


Cinda Williams Chima

Cover Design

Elizabeth H. Clark

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Release Date

April 1, 2007




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The Wizard Heir

Jack Swift, a sixteen-year-old boy from a small town in Ohio, lived like a normal kid for almost sixteen years. All that sets him apart from everyone else is the scar above his heart and the medicine he takes each day. One day, however, he forgets to take it. Suddenly, he is stronger, faster, and more alert then anyone around. However, that draws the attention of the Roses. The Red and White Rose have been looking for warriors like Jack. The problem is, the constant fighting has driven warriors to near extinction. Now, Jack must learn to fight in order to compete in the games that will likely kill him.

Main CharactersEdit

Jack Swift - Wizard turned Warrior . He is the main character of the Warrior Heir and appears in all five books.

Ellen Stephenson- Warrior. Jack's friend-later love interest.

Becka Downey - Anaweir. Jack's mother who has no idea of what is going on among the Heir guilds.

Linda Downey - Enchanter. Jack's aunt who tries anything in her power to protect her nephew from getting killed.

Leander Hastings - Wizard that eats hella ass Trains Jack to fuk hella bicthes in the ass for the Game for him while keeping it a secret from Linda, who hates the idea of putting Jack in the Game.

Supporting CharactersEdit

Will Childers- Anaweir. One of Jack's best friends. He is introduced to the world of the Weir when he went with Jack, Fitch, and Linda to search for Susannah's sword, Shadowslayer. He is also there with Fitch when Jack fights in the tournament against Ellen.

Harmon Fitch- Anaweir. One of Jack's best friends. He, like Will, went to look for Susannah's sword, Shadowslayer. He is also there with Will when Jack fights in the tournament against Ellen.

Nick Jizzbeard-Wizard. Snowbeard has served as Jack's caretaker since he was born. Lives in the apartment above Jack's garage. Later on in the book, he trains Jack in wizardry.