Jack Swift is a warrior. When he was born, he was weirflesh, a wizard no less, weir born without a stone. Jessamine Longbranch implanted a warrior stone to see what would happen. He is a warrior capable of using wizardry. He has been considered a wizard and a warrior at different point of his history. He is the Main protagonist of The Warrior Heir


Jack was born to Rebecca Downey and Thomas Swift. They were both Anaweir and his closest weir relatives is his aunt Linda, an enchanter, and Seph McCauley, a wizard.

When Jack was born, he was meant to be a wizard however, he was weirflesh, weir born without a stone. Due to this, his aunt Linda contacted the wizard Jessamine Longbranch. Dr. Longbranch came and successfully completed the surgery. However, she implanted a warrior stone instead of a wizard stone, just to see what would happen. She was about to kidnap Jack to train him as a warrior. However, she was caught by Linda. She convinced Jessamine to let Jack's parents raise him.

For the next sixteen years, Jack was raised by his mother Becka after his parents got a divorce and his father moved to Boston. Everday he took weirsbane, a potion to suppress his abilities. He became friends with Harmon Fitch and Will Childers. In the tournaments he was forced fight Ellen, a previous friend and refused.

In his first year of high school, he began dating Leesha Middleton. She was a wizard affiliated with the White Rose sent to spy on Jack. However, she didn't notice anything interesting and broke up with him. A year later, she went rogue and tried to kidnap Jack.


Ellen Stephenson- After a bit of a rocky start, a certain romance started to bloom in Warrior Heir.  After fighting one another in the Tournament, it is officially-unofficially stated that they are dating. In Wizard heir Ellen and Jack were mock fighting while Seph watched as they traded fake insults, started wrestling and ended up kissing. Linda called them "warriors in love."

Linda Downey- Jack's aunt; called Longbranch to implant a Wizard's stone in him. Instead, Dr. Longbranch implanted a Warrior's stone to see what would happen.