Ellen is a warrior trained from birth to play in a tournament called the Game(s). She was raised from infancy to compete. The Red Rose raised her to be a killer. She moved to Trinity in order to kill Jack Swift, though she didn't know he was the one she was killing.


Early LifeEdit

Ellen was kidnapped as an infant, once she was identified as a warrior, and raised by the Red Rose Warriormasters while on the run. Her entire life was consumed with training and harsh treatment. As a result Ellen developed an understandable hatred of wizards.

The Warrior HeirEdit

She came to Trinity to track down the White Rose's warrior-Jack, and kill him. She was unable to detect Jack at first because of the weirsbane, and then zeroed in on Jack's more athletic friend, Will Childers. When she did finally realize it was Jack she didn't kill him, and later, during the Games, refused to kill him even when she was winning. Jack and Ellen's refusal to fight to the death summoned forth all of the ghost warriors, who, led by Jack's ancestor Susannah Downey, forced D'Orsay to change the Rules of Engagement. Under the new terms the Games were abolished, warriors could no longer be forcibly summoned back, Trinity, Ohio was established as a sanctuary, and a new government was to be established, incorporating representatives from all five guilds. After the Games Ellen returned to Trinity and moved in with Will's family, claiming her father had had to leave but that she wanted to stay and finish school. Jack and Ellen continued their relationship and occasionally met for sparring matches with each other or warrior ghosts who had become their friends.


Ellen was kidnapped by the Red Rose as an infant in order to one day fight in the tournament. To prepare her for this, she was quite young when she began training. She was constantly on the run to avoid the White Rose. This lifestyle was intended to force her to become cold and uncaring. However, Ellen, despite her upbringing, is a very compassionate person. She deeply cares about others.