Carrie Hastings was a young warrior. WHen she was young, her father moved ther family from place to place in an attempt to keep the Roses from discovering that Carrie was a warrior. THis worked up until the age of 18. The Red Rose discovered the family's location and sent a party to retrieve the warrior. Her entire family except her Brother Lee was sitting down for dinner when the Red Rose arrived. Her father and brother Martin were both killed trying to defend her. She ran for protection. She stayed there until her brother Lee arrived. She told him that he was a wizard and that he needed to be careful. Then she sent him away. She was worried that he would be in danger near her. Moments later, she gave herself to the Red Rose to save her brother, who had been captured after he left. She agreed to go with them if they let her brother go. Sadly, moments after that, the White Rose spotted them and, knowing that they wouldn't be able to capture her, killed her.&nbsp