Physical AppearanceEdit

Alicia is described as having long, dark curly hair with brown eyes.

Role in booksEdit

In the Warrior Heir Alicia is the ex-girlfriend of one of our favorite warriors Jackson Swiftwith the White Rose. Alicia supported Jessamine Longbranch in the Game when trying to claim Jack belongs to the White Rose. In the book it's reaveled she is a trader as well as a wizard.

In the Wizard Heir Alicia meets one of our favorite wizards Seph McCauley at an after-hours school party. Drugging his drink Alicia makes him uncontrollable causing him to burn down the party as well as making him think he's a murderer, because his friend Maia who was also his crush died in the fire.

In the Dragon Heir Alicia Middleton is practically magically enslaved by one of our least favorite wixards and ex-alumni at the Havens(the death chamber school Seph was put in) Warren Barber to work for him. She also finds out she has to get close to another one of our favorite wizards Jason Haley. At first it's fake but then she develops real feelings for him but by that time nobody trusts her (because she changed sides so many times). Probably heart-broken because she never found out if Jason (because he died) loved her back, but in the end Alicia turns nice. 06:59, December 17, 2011 (UTC)Bookworm101